Pricing & Packages
Dana Point, California

AGE has two primary subscription models, Standard and Pro, following a free 14-day evaluation.

Standard Service

The standard monthly package is everything you need to maintain a blockbuster Alexa game. You can have up to 500 rooms and 2500 actions—easily enough for twenty or more hours of playing time. Your subscription includes 250 MB of storage for your MP3 and background images. You are billed at monthly intervals for service, and your game is available all over the world.

Standard Service is $29.99 a month billed monthly, or $299.99 for 12 months billed annually.

Pro Service

Pro Service includes everything the standard monthly service does, plus the capacity for 1000 rooms and 5000 actions. You have 1000 MB of storage available for your files. Pro Service clients can use custom SQL queries in actions to filter and modify their data.

Pro Service is $39.99 a month billed monthly, or $399.99 for 12 months billed annually.

Pro Service + Support

The Pro Service + Support plan adds enhanced support for your game. We will answer questions you have about the best way to configure your game. We offer direct service (though our Slack channel) to troubleshoot problems you're having due to a bad build or invalid logic for your actions and point you to a solution. We will also guide you through Amazon's certification feedback, helping you understand how to conform to Amazon's criteria. Support includes our response to 5 major incidents* per month.

Pro Service + Support is $99.99 a month billed monthly or $999.99 for 12 months billed annually.


Enterprise packages include:

  • A standalone, customized game console, independent of the AGE website.
  • Unique codebase for the game that can be modified to accommodate custom game interaction and extensions to the game engine.
  • Expanded storage with unlimited game objects.
  • Ability to copy one game's data to another, to support multiple versions during development.
  • Enhanced support to meet the demands of your project.

Inquire for more information.

 *See terms of service for more information.

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