Daysfly is now licensing its voice-interactive technology for a low monthly cost. Whatever the theme—horror, sci-fi, fantasy, western, or teen romance—you can provide an interactive, hands-free experience to a rapidly growing audience through the magic of Alexa.

Make Money From Your Game

Amazon awards skills that highly engage users by offering “Developer Rewards” —a direct, monthly payment to you, the game developer.

You receive any profit paid by Amazon for your game's success. AGE also allows you to create in-skill products that can be sold within your game (e.g., upgraded access to your game, a monthly subscription, a pack of 10 hints, or a magical item). The purchase process can be triggered through an action in your game (e.g., entering a new room, struggling to get through a difficult part of your game, etc.). Alexa takes over the purchase process at that point and offers your product to the player. If the user agrees, their Amazon account is debited and you are paid (on a monthly basis) by direct-deposit. It's a seamless and easy way to monetize your intellectual property and build a fan base.

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