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What is AGE?

The Alexa Game Engine (AGE) is a platform that helps you build a game for Alexa, no coding required. You can engage an audience of millions across the world when your Alexa skill becomes available on Amazon's skill store. Using a drag-and-drop interface, you set up the rooms, items, and agents that make up your game. Create a world that can be explored using only your voice.

With AGE, you don't need to manage complex code or worry about Amazon's programming interface. You just select the elements of your game and drag them into place. Click them to edit the properties and descriptions you want. You can embed sound effects in the response that Alexa delivers. Control the way players interact using actions, which are triggered based on the decisions players make in your game. A wizard will guide you step-by-step as you set up the interaction using simple English sentences.

Once your game is ready to test, it is published to Amazon with the click of a button. You can play it on your Alexa-enabled device, and you can add other people as playtesters. When you are ready, submit it to certification for Amazon's approval. It will appear on the Alexa skill store and can be played worldwide.

Amazon doesn't charge to create an Alexa skill. It only functions as the middleman between the skill and the user's device. Alexa is a voice-service in the Amazon cloud that turns text into audio, then translates what you say back into text. The actual skill is made possible by AGE. AGE sends communication back and forth to Amazon to handle the interaction between players and your game.

You can try AGE for 14 days at no charge. After that, our standard service package is $29.99 a month. Your game can appear on Amazon's website and become available to players all over the world. For information about pricing, click here.

An Alexa skill is a voice application accessible by any Alexa-enabled device. This includes the Amazon Echo, Fire TV and Tablets, cellphones (by means of the Alexa app) and a wide range of new devices with built-in support for Alexa, including automobiles. Users can enable a skill by telling Alexa to enable it or by going to the skill's page on the Amazon website and clicking the button. You can launch any Amazon skill after you've enabled it from any Alexa-enabled device connected to your Amazon account.

Users connect to the skill using the Alexa voice service, but the skill itself is a web service that is hosted out in the cloud, like a website. AGE allows you to develop your own Alexa skill without needing to write programming. We provide an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface to let you put together an Alexa skill that you can test and launch from your Alexa device. AGE is more than an Alexa skill -- it is a full-fledged game engine that has built-in capability to handle a world of your own creation.

In theory, no. When you create a free Amazon Developer account and build your first game, you can test it from the Amazon Developer portal by typing in commands. You will receive a response back that is identical to the way an Echo would sound. Since Alexa is available from a free app that you can download for your cellphone, there are many ways of testing your game without the need to purchase an Echo.
Everything happens from the AGE website. When you create a free account, you can immediately build a game. The information you add to the website is the same information that is delivered by Alexa. You can even make changes to the game (without certain strict limits) when the game has passed certification and people all over the world are playing it.
When your game is ready to be made available to the public, you start the certification process by signing into the Amazon Developer portal. After some automated tests, your game will be queued for review by Amazon's certification team. If you pass certification, your skill will appear in the Amazon skill store for each English-speaking locale. (US, CA, UK, AU, and IN locales each have their own Amazon website.) If you fail certification, Amazon will send you a list of issues that need to be corrected in your game. Once you resolve those, you can reapply for certification, as many times as you need to.
Yes. There are two ways to do this. Amazon pays developers of games that generate a lot of interest and traffic. They directly deposit a payment into your account each month that you maintain high levels of participation in your game. You can also create in-skill products that are sold within your game. For example, you can charge people to access the second half of your game, or you can charge them from a consumable (like a package of hints). If they trigger the process while playing and tell Alexa they wish to purchase your product, their Amazon account is charged automatically. For more information about earning money from your skill, click here.
You need to pay for a subscription before your trial ends to keep your game online. You can add your payment information on the My Account page at any time after you create your game. Once you make a payment, you will be billed at regular intervals automatically. If your trial ends and your game stops working, all you need to do is update your payment information and it will come back online instantly.
You will be able to see all the players who have launched your game (and what their position is within your game), but without personal information, unless you implement account linking. Account linking is an optional process whereby a player makes themselves known to you by voluntarily signing in to their Amazon account. Once they do, you know their name and email address and can create a mailing list. You can incentivize people to link their account by providing them with benefits if they do, like access to benefits within your game.
Yes. Amazon provides a place inside the Amazon Developer portal to add playtesters to your account. You type in their email addresses and they will receive an email from Amazon, inviting them to participate. If they do, they will be able to launch your game from their Alexa-enabled device. This is the only way for anyone (other than yourself) to play your game before it goes through certification and appears in the Amazon skill store.
Yes. You can create any number of different games using AGE. They will all be accessible when you sign in, and you can choose which one you wish to edit. Each new game currently receives the same free 14 day trial as your first game.
Our support package is intended to help guide you through difficult problems in the most expedient manner possible. In a complex game, for example, you might have made mistakes in the way you created actions that are causing unexpected results. We can help track those down for you. We can also answer basic questions that are not covered in the FAQ. When you reach the point of submitting your game for certification, Amazon's feedback can be confusing. With our support option, we will point you directly to the problem and potentially save you a lot of time guessing.

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