Introducing AGE—The Alexa Game Engine

With AGE, you can publish an interactive game controlled only with your voice. Provide an engaging experience to people driving in their cars or in any hands-free setting. Reach the handicapped and visually impaired. Inspire the imaginations of young people. Bring your existing audio assets to a new market. All without writing a single line of code.

To the right are pictured some of the graphical themes you can use to stylize your game development.

The Alexa Game Engine (AGE) gives you the tools to develop your own Alexa game and publish it directly to Amazon. Produce an interactive audiobook, a user-controlled adventure, or even a complete role-playing game—with saved games, combat, and an integrated hint system—played only with your voice. Amazon issues monthly payments for skills that attract new and committed players. Those payments go directly to you, as the creator.

AGE supports the kind of objects you expect to find in a world of your own creation—rooms (i.e., scenes where actions occur), agents (characters who engage with the player), and items (things the player can pick up, use, and dispose of).

Write rich dialogue that Alexa delivers and embed sound effects to draw people in. Use the new polly-voice feature to deliver responses using many different English-speaking dialects, both male and female. Once your game passes certification, it will appear in Amazon's Alexa skill store and can be played by an audience of over 50 million people worldwide (and counting).

AGE is configured using a game console—a drag-and-drop, web-based interface that allows you to set up rooms, exits, items, agents, and sayings (i.e., special phrases you direct at agents within the game, like spells). You can upload sound files and visual assets to plug into your game. An easy-to-use wizard will guide you through the creation of actions, which form the logic behind the things a player can do in the game. AGE also has advanced screens that provide direct access to the data if the drag-and-drop interface is slowing you down.

Give it a try!

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